Our vision is to provide stylish loungewear and accessories for brides and their bridal party. We specialize in bridesmaids gifts to make their entire wedding day picture perfect. Relax in style while getting ready in our one of a kind, luxurious loungewear. Our curated collection of special occasion jewelry has a style for everyone from the flower girl to the mother of the bride. Most importantly, we focus on providing brides with one-on-one service to make their wedding dreams come true.

The Poppy Shop also carries styles and statement pieces for any occasion. Whether you are glamming up your bridal party, or dressing up your outfit for date night, never leave the house without some POP.


Meet Katie & Julia: The Co-Founders of The Poppy Shop

Post-graduation from North Carolina State University in 2015, Katie and Julia set off on a tour across Europe. After ditching a guided tour around Paris to explore on their own, a lifelong friendship was off to an adventurous start. Shortly after returning to Raleigh, NC, both started their careers at the same company. Always seeming to follow each other’s footsteps, Katie and Julia were both engaged in 2017. After countless hours of dual wedding planning, The Poppy Shop was born.